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Mandela around the World

by Candice van der Walt 1. August 2013 16:08


Mandela around the worldMandela around the world
It’s not only South Africa that has a penchant for naming things after former president Nelson Mandela – there are numerous streets, bridges, educational institutions, buildings, organisms, flowers, statues and monuments around the world that bear his name.

Graça Machel – freedom fighter for life
Graça Machel has been the first lady of two countries – to each of them she has brought her extraordinary warmth, dignity and unerring belief in doing right.

Madiba's legacy is forever
The Centre of Memory will keep alive Mandela's ideals and principles. It's a store of his history, and a space for dialogue on the present and future. The Children's Fund is investing in that future, through various programmes focused on the vulnerable.

Mandela posters show world's respect
Among the many tributes to former president Nelson Mandela is a poster art project started by two South African designers. Instead of the 95 entries they hoped for, they got 700.

Mandela's 'classrooms for human beings'
Among teachers, pupils and parents, the work of the Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development has become known as the "Magic Classroom Collective".

Mandela in film
The life of Nelson Mandela has been committed to celluloid several times already. In the latest effort, his early years are the focus. The Anant Singh-produced Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom stars Brit Idris Elba and South African Atandwe Kani as Madiba.

Unpacking the National Development Plan
South Africa, it is said, is one of the most unequal societies in the world. Yet it has a plan to change this, and that's where the National Development Plan comes in.

Social participation key to efficient cities
The 2013 Metropolis Annual Meeting brought together more than 80 mayors from around the world to discuss ways of overcoming challenges such as poverty and informal housing.

The pain is soon forgotten
If you fancy a hard mountain bike ride through some of South Africa's most spectacular countryside, then the Freedom Challenge may be just the ticket. It's over 2 000km – but the man behind it has wilder dreams.

Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom
Taken from Nelson Mandela By Himself: The Authorised Book of Quotations, we present some of the inspirational sayings by the former president that have roused and touched many internationally.

Gallery: Tribute wall at Mandela hospital
People from across South Africa, the continent of Africa and the world have left moving tributes to Nelson Mandela outside the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria

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